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Friday, September 02, 2005

I am knitter . . .

As opposed to a person who knits. What is the distinction?

A knitter begins
creating a Christmas list in August. Not because they're an overachiever but because it's an excuse to buy more yarn. A person who knits instead gets grandiose ideas on December second about how marvelous it would be to make homemade gifts for EVERYONE!

Well, let's be honest. A true knitter does both.

Me, I went from working one project, then buying the yarn and completing the next, to yarn, patterns and UFOs coming out the ying-yang. Heck, I've even got a blog going. (Aren't I cool?)

In a desperate bid to get my hands on more yarn, I even agreed to knit some scarves as gifts for my new mother-in-law. (Not quite as fiber desperate as it sounds -- the gifts go to women who helped with my wedding.) So now I have five scarves to make in addition to the baby blanket I have to finish by Sept. 15, the kitty pi otn, the felted bag for my mom and another baby blanket gift.

I think that's it. I'm not sure.

The thing is though, I'm turning into a yarn snob. Good or bad, I've got this thing against eyelash yarn. What's the first scarf the mil wants me to make? Eyelash. One of the good things is that it's going so fast. Almost done. But ugh. A cool thing about this entire scarf marathon is that I got to help pick out the yarn. Yes, it's mostly novelty, but I had fun trying to match yarn types -- something that the yarn snob in me has no patience with.

We'll just see where this experimenting will take me? Will I embrace Red Heart or go running back to alpaca? I'll let you know.


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