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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Even when I write, there's no post!

OK...I decided to use that time at work where I am theoretically ... working to put together some posts. And I did. I wrote two or three posts since Wednesday. In case you haven't noticed, you haven't seen two or three posts since Wednesday. I forgot a crucial step -- the posting.

So here ya go:
Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2005

Dear Santa,
What I really want for Christmas (but isn’t as important in the grand scheme of things like rent or groceries) is a new digital camera. With a new camera I’ll be able to take pictures only once -- Instead of one picture to figure out which way the finder is off (generally about six inches to the left) and two to five pictures to adjust for the difference. A new camera would allow me to wow all my friends and unknown multitude with the simplicity and foresight of my knit designs.

We’re talking Grimace, the pale purple baby blanket from hell. We’re talking the garter-stitch scarf done — gasp! — lengthwise. We’re talking the sock that is ribbed ALL THE WAY. This is high-tech, high-brow stuff here and everyone should be able to see it.

However, I don't think a new camera will improve the brevity of my writing.

Speaking of Santa, I need to share one
of the coolest things that’s happened to me this holiday season. I stopped by my LYS (Lint) last night. It was open-knit and although I couldn’t stay, I wanted to say hi to some people, show off the hubby, check and see if next week’s bad-for-you potluck was still on. Anyway, as I made my way carefully around the room, stepping over people, projects and wine (ouch!), Lint’s owner waylaid me with an early gift from Santa — a gift certificate.

I have no idea who did this; it could be any number of people I hang out with on Tuesdays. That’s probably the point. Regardless, this is one of the most appreciated things that anyone’s done for me — especially because good yarn/supplies are far, far away from any realistic budget right now. Now comes the fun part: What do I do with the gift? I’ve got ideas, but I’ll get into that later. I figure this is a gift for me, and I intend to use it as such. After the holidays.

Before the holidays I’ve got other things on which to work. For some reason, I have *mostly* finished projects lying all over the apartment. My new niece’s crib blanket is about 4 edging inches from completion (I had some extra ends to weave in that I never got around two). There’s one Baby Bobbie Bear that needs only eyes and a nose. Another bear needs it’s arse, legs, stuffing, arms, ears, neckline, eyes and nose. I’ve also got a pair of socks, two random scarves and a hat I started two nights ago just for fun. And last, but not least, I’ve got some KnitPicks coming in that includes sock yarn for a Christmas pair for my husband and green wool for a felted cloche. My eyes are too big for my needles. It's time to get knittin’.

Friday -- Dec. 15, 2005
Update: The second bear now has an arse and one leg. Poor thing looks like i
t’s been through the ringer. I’ll stop by and pick up some stuffing after work today. For others making this project: I’m using polyfil just because it’s the easiest cheapest thing to get my hands on. I know someone else who use wool batting and that resulted in a firm, but cushy bear. I also found some cotton upholstery batting that seemed like it would be good stuff but it was $5 per pound which is out of my league for right now. Ya want to know the crazy thing about this bear is: I’m wondering if I can fit one more in by Christmas. Aye, aye aye.


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